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Jade glass frosting powder

【Features】Using sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid or water as the medium, it is suitable for frosting processing of ordinary sodium calcium, high boron, quartz and other materials. The frosting effect has uniform particle distribution on the surface and smooth and delicate hand feeling.

【Applicable】 It is mainly suitable for frosting processing of wine bottles, cosmetic bottles, flat glass, glassware, lamps, handicrafts and other glass products.

Anti-glare glass

【Features】 The light transmittance of the glass is increased to about 90%, the reflectance of the glass surface light is reduced to about 1%, the light transmittance is more than 80%, and the gloss is more than 60%. Even under the light, it can guarantee people from any one The angle behind the screen can be clearly seen. Moreover, the light transmittance of about 90% can make the picture display clearer, the color is fuller, and the light is softer, so that people can enjoy another visual feast while also reducing eye fatigue.

【Applicable】 It is mostly used for mobile phone screens, TV screens, computer screens, tablet computers, etc.

Automatic Frosting production line

【Product description】 Automatic frosting assembly line, mechanized chemical frosting treatment, can significantly improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity of workers, significantly reduce production costs, and can effectively prevent exhaust gas overflow, greatly reducing the harm to the human body. Ensure safe production and meet the demand for mass production of high-quality frosted bottles to the greatest extent.

【Applicable】 It is suitable for frosting processing of glass bottles and cans such as wine bottles and cosmetic bottles, and can be customized according to customer requirements.

3D Carved

3D Carved, full name 3D carved tourist souvenirs, the project was officially launched in October 2017. This project relies on the world-class natural and humanistic advantages of Songshan and Dengfeng, makes full use of the rich tourism and cultural resources of Dengfeng City, and takes Songshan, Shaolin and other tourism cultures as the breakthrough point for product development and design. The products manufactured are noble, elegant and exquisite, and can be widely used in humanities, nature, tourism, home decoration and other fields.