To provide global customers glass etching technology, the overall solution


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Yuke has independent research and development capabilities, set up a dedicated R & D center, during the United States Corning, Germany SCHOTT, China Changyu, Wuliangye, Gujing Gong and other famous enterprises to do custom development, to provide global customers glass etching technology as a whole solution Program.

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Service Team

Service Team

Yuke boasts a stable, professional and qualified after-sales team and systematic service process. Our employees constantly eliminate customers’ future worries with a strong sense of responsibility and excellent service attitude. While trying to be more in line with the international trend, Yuke is actively seeking various ways to raise the employees’ professional quality. We have been working out systematic and professional training plan according to employee’s actual conditions whilst assessing the training effect until they are up to the standard. Through unremitting effort, our after-sales team has attained a new height in both technology and personnel quality. According to our service process, all the employees can eliminate doubts and answer questions of customers. All these bring about more desirable after-sales service and full-fledged after-sales service leads to more professional after-sales efforts.