To provide global customers glass etching technology, the overall solution


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Yuke has independent research and development capabilities, set up a dedicated R & D center, during the United States Corning, Germany SCHOTT, China Changyu, Wuliangye, Gujing Gong and other famous enterprises to do custom development, to provide global customers glass etching technology as a whole solution Program.

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I. Talents are wealth

Yuke regards excellent talents for operation, management and technology as the core wealth of our company.

II. Cultivation of inter-disciplinary talents

As social division of labor is becoming more specific, Yuke has been committing to cultivating inter-disciplinary talents with wide range of knowledge and expert in one thing and good at many aspects, in order to enable all our employees to cooperate in a desirable way.

III.Judge a hero by victory or defeat

Just as the saying goes, we shouldn’t judge a hero by victory or defeat. However, as the market competition is fierce and cruel, failure means elimination. Only success can lead to survival. Therefore, we are strongly in favor of “judge a hero by victory or defeat”.

IV. Equal chances

He who can give play to his talents will be assigned work. He who cannot give play to his talents will not be assigned work. Yuke pays attention to our employees’ work ability and provides each employee with equal chance of development. We are guided by the principle of assigning work to the competent, asking the ordinary employees to abdicate his post and asking the mediocre person to leave his post.

V. Know how to judge people and use them

We pay high attention to ability, work performance and quality instead of diploma, age and intelligence.