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How to clean tempered glass? Tempered glass What are the characteristics?
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How to clean tempered glass? Tempered glass What are the characteristics?

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Tempered glass is particularly popular with people and is widely used in daily life, such as toughened glass doors,

Tempered glass is particularly popular with people and is widely used in daily life, such as toughened glass doors, tempered glass tables, etc. However, in the case of toughened glass, people must learn how to clean so that toughened glass can be insisted every day Clean and clean, how to clean the glass is that people really need to understand the problem. What characteristics of tempered glass to attract so many fans like it.

Tempered glass how to clean?

1, usually tempered glass can be washed directly with water, if the use of higher purity distilled water to wash better, remember that tempered glass cleaning is not able to use the second used water to clean, but cleaning The process to prevent bump, in order to have a good maintenance of tempered glass.

2, life can not prevent the dirt on the glass stained with grease, we all know that oil and water are mutually incompatible, so able to paint on the glass coated with a small amount of oil to grease dry. Paint on glass is a big headache for people, with a rag dipped in a few vinegar scrub will play a very good effect. Normally when we wash the glass dipped in chalk gray water, so clean out the white glass translucent.

3, toughened glass door in the use of a good period of time will be black marks, corresponding to the cleaning, we need to be able to use a small number of toothpaste before toughened glass, so will make tempered glass doors and windows bright white . New home interior wall paint often carelessly limestone will be stained glass, limewater dry material with a damp cloth is not easy to erase, this time will play a good effect of sand, dipped in a small wet sand cloth, Gently scrub the glass will easily wipe the lime mottled.

Tempered glass What are the characteristics?

1, tempered glass with safety, which is mainly from the maintenance of human convenience to say, if the tempered glass was damaged by a large external force, the debris is honeycomb obtuse small particles, so that it can reduce the damage to the human body. Tempered glass with high strength, thickness in the same circumstances, the impact resistance and bending resistance of glass are generally three to five times. Tempered glass also has thermal stability, is generally three times the glass to accept the temperature difference, with three hundred degrees to change the ability to accept the temperature.

2, high strength: equal thickness of tempered glass impact strength is generally 3 to 5 times the glass, bending strength is generally 3 to 5 times the glass. Thermal stability: Tempered glass has good thermal stability, acceptable temperature difference is 3 times the average glass, acceptable temperature change 200 ℃.

3, although the strength of toughened glass glass than the average, but tempered glass changes in the temperature difference between blew (self-rupture) the possibility of the general glass does not exist the possibility of blew.

How to clean the tempered glass, on the tempered glass must be sure to clean the way, so as to be able to ensure that it will not damage the tempered glass, and can be very clean and clean, people look happier, tempered glass What are the characteristics of his The characteristics are still very much, but also because of this, has been more and more people like it, the demand in life is also growing.