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Yuke has independent research and development capabilities, set up a dedicated R & D center, during the United States Corning, Germany SCHOTT, China Changyu, Wuliangye, Gujing Gong and other famous enterprises to do custom development, to provide global customers glass etching technology as a whole solution Program.

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Production and sales of glass enterprises booming prices

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Glass: At present, the average price of white glass 1523 yuan, up 18 yuan last week, up 114 yuan last year. This week the glass spot market as a whole showed a good trend. 

Production and sales of glass enterprises booming prices

Glass: At present, the average price of white glass 1523 yuan, up 18 yuan last week, up 114 yuan last year. This week the glass spot market as a whole showed a good trend. Production companies showed strong sales and sales and rising prices. Huadong took the lead in price increases. North China and Central China successively followed suit, but their gains narrowed faster than the same period last year. The current glass into the peak season last year, the price of glass all the way triumph, and this year is particularly flat (we judge the second half of the price is also flat), the recent price of soda ash compression profit margins.

Glass fiber: Non-alkali roving this week, the market part of the steady decline in the price of some low-end non-alkali 2400tex yarn direct yarn prices down 200 yuan / ton; electronic yarn demand pick up, the market is showing a good trend. We uphold the previous judgment that 2017 will be the year when domestic demand will resume its price hikes (construction and industrial manufacturing needs and wind power). The United States is the largest producer of glass fiber demand, mainly for infrastructure and housing, Good boulders (boulder exports ratio of 50% and the South Carolina plant started).

Main raw material prices: Week IPE Brent crude oil futures rose 0.81 US dollars / barrel, to 52.86 US dollars / barrel. Heavy soda ash prices were flat, the mainstream sent to the terminal price of 1,700 yuan / ton. Qinhuangdao Port thermal coal price 580 yuan / ton, down 0.85% from the previous week.