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Environmental impact on demand, the cash rally slowed down

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This week the overall trend of the glass spot market is acceptable, the overall balance between production and marketing enterprises, regional differentiation is more serious,

This week the overall trend of the glass spot market is acceptable, the overall balance between production and marketing enterprises, regional differentiation is more serious, the market price is also better. In terms of regions, areas such as Shahe and Shandong are affected by the environmental supervision and shutdown of downstream processing enterprises, and the short-term reduction in demand in the region has also caused traders to speed up their efforts to increase their warehouses. The overall trend in southern China and Central China rose steadily, the market confidence is acceptable. In the short term, events such as sports events and large-scale events affecting the operating rate of glass downstream processing enterprises and the demand for real estate construction and decoration are expected to take place in the near future. For example, the Tianjin National Games, the BRICS meeting in Xiamen and the cycling competition in Xingtai, etc.

Since the beginning of this week, the overall trend of East China glass spot market has been fairly good. The production and sales of manufacturing enterprises maintained a good level last week, and the market prices have also risen to a certain extent. This shows typical characteristics of the traditional peak season. East China market as a whole to continue the good market last week, the production enterprises out of the library better, traders stocking is also more positive. South China, Central China and other regions prices, the East China market has a certain role in supporting. In the second half of this week there have been some conditions, resulting in a certain degree of market confidence weakened. Shandong and Shahe and other areas deep processing enterprises under the influence of environmental supervision, operating rate dropped significantly, but also reduce the consumption of the original glass. At present, manufacturers hope that the downstream processing enterprises shut down as soon as possible, making the library returned to normal conditions.

This week the overall trend of South China market is better, a slight increase in the chain of production enterprises, manufacturers offer a certain extent, the market confidence is better. Due to rising market prices in other regions, as well as the gradual weakening of hot weather, it is conducive to the increase in demand for glass. Although the short-term typhoon and other weather have a certain impact on transport. As the current season is not the traditional sales season in South China, processing enterprises there is an increase in the latter part of the trend. The general trend of the market in Central China, the basic production enterprises to achieve balance between production and marketing.

The overall trend in North China this week, Xiangyangghouyi suppression, the number of manufacturers to reduce the chain more than manufacturers firm offer. Shahe production enterprises out of the chain has significantly weakened last week, traders lack of confidence in the market. Mainly Shahe and Shandong glass deep-processing enterprises affected by environmental regulation and suspension of work, resulting in a sharp reduction in the number of glass consumption in the short term. Some traders lack of confidence, starting low-priced rejection of goods, resulting in a relatively large decline in market prices in the short term. Manufacturers firm offer because, on the one hand, manufacturers inventory is low, on the other hand, manufacturers believe that post-production processing enterprises, the market demand will increase, there is no need for price adjustment. At the same time, the rise in the price of soda ash also added some pressure to the cost of production.

Southwest this week, the overall trend chain slightly easing, manufacturers gradually returned to normal out of the library, some manufacturers offer a slight rise. This week the overall trend of the Northeast market is normal, the market trend in Northwest this week is better, inventory decline in manufacturing enterprises, some manufacturers offer. Downstream processing enterprises orders better.

Market outlook:

Since the market coordination meeting between East China and North China in mid-August, the spot market has seen some price increases. Traders and processing enterprises have basically completed the replenishment of inventories. Compared with the same period of last year, it is obvious that the rate of price increase and the rate of this year are weaker than the same period of last year, and the market confidence in the latter part of the market is not enough. Demand from the downstream market perspective, under the influence of real estate policy adjustments, orders for processing enterprises weaker than last year at the same time. Another important factor affecting the consumption of glass on schedule is the discontinuation of processing enterprises. Sichuan, Shandong and Hebei deep processing enterprises discontinued one after another, the recent Tianjin National Games and the Xiamen BRICS meeting will also shortly affect the real estate construction and deep-processing enterprises started. Production companies to maintain a stable library, inventory pressure is not. The number of manufacturers more exports, local processing enterprises in general orders