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Do you know how to clean the building glass?

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Glass as a light and wind information, widely used in the construction industry. The past, the main glass to lighting, modern glass will be the main decoration, so many of the use of colored glass,

Glass as a light and wind information, widely used in the construction industry. The past, the main glass to lighting, modern glass will be the main decoration, so many of the use of colored glass, shaped glass. Modern glass building is covered with glass over the entire wall, giving a magnificent, small and exquisite feeling. Visible glass materials in the construction industry in an important position.

Glass is made of quartz sand and alkali material, after melting, the cooling viscosity increases, forming a series of three-dimensional network. Each cation in the structure is surrounded by a certain number of oxygen ions. Cations have a large field strength, the balance of the performance of the glass inside, while the appearance of the glass is in an unbalanced condition. It is manifested as external force, so that the appearance of glass is very simple and the surrounding media attack role. Coupled with some appearance of the glass was full of micro-striae sponge-like, but also very simple attachment dirt. In particular, the attached dirt invades the interior of the sponge, attacking chemical reactions and forming dirt that is more and more difficult to remove.

Because the glass itself shows the appearance and appearance of activity, it is very simple and biological and other organic reactive groups attack chemical reaction, such as blood coagulation, the appearance of the glass easy to produce biological mildew, to further absorb the carbon dioxide in the air, the glass The appearance of corrosion, poor alkali resistance of glass, highly susceptible to alkaline medium corrosion. These, all lead to glass easily contaminated. Especially in the high-rise building on the appearance of glass, a lot of pollution medium, intense light, endless day and night trading and temperature changes, the environment is very bad.

Because glass is classified as brittle, it is mostly embedded in metal or wood (or plastic) structures and sealed with water or adhesive (eg putty). General glass coating can be made of different colors of glass construction, and sometimes after the film to change the general glass color and markings. The above should be taken into account when cleaning the glass.

There should be no difference between the dust on the outside of the glass and the dirt on the outside of the building. Therefore, the building facade cleaning can use the same cleaning agent, the same cleaning process. In fact, all kinds of high-rise buildings exposed to the appearance of the first glass, non-glass part only structure. Such as train waiting room, airport departure lounge, museum hall, amusement park, shopping center and so on. Visible, modern high-rise building and public building exterior cleaning, mainly for glass cleaning.

In general, the glass looks wrong polar hydrophobic appearance, cleaning should first consider the appearance of moisture, should choose a good wet surface active agent or organic solvents. Followed by washing should be restored to its hydrophobic characteristics. The use of a number of hydrophobic, with a bright chemical composition, so there is a class of polishing agent products, washed appearance in the glass without leaving traces (such as film, spot, grain), does not jeopardize the glass itself and the structure. This will be able to propose the primary technical requirements of the building glass cleaner:

1, the appearance of the glass scouring with outstanding cleaning effect, leaving no trace of glass and coating without damage.

2, Functional glass cleaner should make the glass after cleaning bright, hydrophobic, good anti-fog.

3, cleaning the glass roof should be useful to remove the accumulation of dust, clean the glass surface in an instant can be moist and get rid of dirt.

4, low-cost cleaning, do not pollute the surrounding environment, cleaning agents harmless to the human body.