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Yuke has independent research and development capabilities, set up a dedicated R & D center, during the United States Corning, Germany SCHOTT, China Changyu, Wuliangye, Gujing Gong and other famous enterprises to do custom development, to provide global customers glass etching technology as a whole solution Program.

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Jing Zhijie, chairman of Yuke Glass visited Gujing Distillery Culture Museum
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Jing Zhijie, chairman of Yuke Glass visited Gujing Distillery Culture Museum

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On the morning of December 12, at the invitation of the leadership of Gujing Distillery, Jing Zhijie, chairman of Henan Yuke Glass Technology Co., Ltd.,

On the morning of December 12, at the invitation of the leadership of Gujing Distillery, Jing Zhijie, chairman of Henan Yuke Glass Technology Co., Ltd., led the top management team of Yuke Glass Co., Ltd. to visit Gujing Distillery Museum and conducted discussion and exchange.

First of all, King and his party came to Gujing Distillery Museum of Wine, ornamental wine collection, deeply feel Gujing Gong wine strong culture. Through the visit, Gujing Group's corporate culture has been further cognition, liquor production process, storage have a certain understanding. Gujing Gong wine has a profound cultural heritage, heritage and carry forward the Chinese liquor culture.

Subsequently, the two sides held informal discussions in the field, and together taste the original alcohol. Being able to meet face to face will help increase mutual understanding and further promote mutual common development.

In the more than 20 years of cooperation with Furui, Gujin's pioneering spirit has always been a model for studying at Yu Branch. This trip inspired the Yuke people to persevere in their pursuit of originality.