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Yuke has independent research and development capabilities, set up a dedicated R & D center, during the United States Corning, Germany SCHOTT, China Changyu, Wuliangye, Gujing Gong and other famous enterprises to do custom development, to provide global customers glass etching technology as a whole solution Program.

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Professor Zhou Li from Tsinghua University visited Yuke Glass

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On the day of March 13, 2018, Prof. Zhou Li from the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University was invited to visit the headquarters of Henan Yuke Glass Technology Co., Ltd

On the day of March 13, 2018, Prof. Zhou Li from the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University was invited to visit the headquarters of Henan Yuke Glass Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 872383).

Accompanied by Jing Zhijie, chairman of Yuke Glass, Professor Zhou Li visited Yuke Glass's frosted powder products, AG anti-glare glass, and 3D engraving products, which fully affirmed and praised Yuke's Technology R & D strength. At the same time, with the guidance of Yuke Glass's development at each stage, how does the company use the differentiated operation model to consolidate its core values, mission, vision and operational philosophy? How do companies manage with reasonable internal operations? System, in the trend of commercial change, rapid and powerful?

This week, Professor Zhou Li began to focus on key issues such as corporate operations and commercial finance. He shared several classic cases of business operations, and cited the company’s actual benefit data. This was a simple and easy-to-understand for Yuke glass managers present here. Business model, financial and financial control, etc. Focus on guiding Yuke's differentiated business operation model and systematic operation management methods, so that people present here are clear-minded and benefit greatly. This is a training course and a unique tea party. During the guidance period, the middle-level and senior-level staff present here actively shared and shared the problems encountered in the work. Prof. Zhou Li also interpreted them one by one. The atmosphere was lively.

To achieve greater scale and more stable development of the enterprise is a goal that all Yuke people tirelessly pursue. The vivid teaching of Professor Zhou Li makes the goal of Yuke Glass clearer, and makes everyone more clear about the standards to be achieved by this goal and the Efforts to achieve this goal.