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Deceived! Where is the snow glass like a snowflake?
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Deceived! Where is the snow glass like a snowflake?

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Snowflake effect glass frosting powder


    Snowflake is a unique and beautiful hexagonal flower described in "Tai Ping Yu Lan", "Where the grass is more than five flowers, the snow is only six out," and it is also the farmer's "three layers of winter wheat cover, sleeping in the next year." The koi that indicates the harvest is even dubbed the soul of the North and the symbol of the North. Such beauty and connotation coexist, and the natural wonders of the ritual and symbolic meaning in the hearts of the people, how can it be so casually given on a piece of glass?


    I took the snowflake glass and observed it under the lamp. It was really beautiful. The irregular irregular polygons called "granules" were put together and squeezed to fill the entire plane. The magic is that some particles are blurred and some are clear. These or sharp or obscure polygons refract light into different angles, and the light is transmitted by different particles at different angles, some brighter and some darker. Then, when the glass is gently rotated, it feels that the light and shadow are interlaced, which is a smooth plane. However, because of the combination of light and shadow, a three-dimensional feeling is created, and people can't help but want to reach out and touch the corners that seem to exist. Very amazing and beautiful, but the key is that it is not like snowflakes! !


    Its granules are polygons rather than hexagons of snowflakes, and their polygons are grouped together without the sense of distance from the snow. It's beautiful, but it's hard for me to associate it with snowflakes. I am obsessed with this question, I am not willing to let others say "it looks like snowflakes" until I met the first snow after returning to the north.


    Staying in the north for a long time can not help but some aesthetic fatigue, although I know that it is snowing, there is no excitement in childhood, but more worried about whether the shoes will be wet, walking will not slip these real problems, poetic life is far away from me. The feeling of exhaustion after work is also full of physical and mental spleen and lungs, and even want to shrink in a thick scarf and walk with closed eyes. Turning a corner into an alley, pedestrians are getting scarce, when the dimly lit street lights make people sleepy, I am woken up by the sparkling light of the snow under the foot of Yu Guang, and I am shocked - is this not snowflake glass? ? !


    After half an afternoon of snow, a thin layer has been laid on the road, and the ground is still faintly visible. It is like a layer of frost. After the snow falls on the ground, it climbs together and has no hexagonal shape. The gap between the snow of the block ice crystals and the other clumps can see the dark asphalt road, and the snow that melts slightly into the water shines with the light shining. This is also the same source of light and dark alternate and exactly the same diamond-like sparkle - this is not snowflake glass!


    With this discovery, I am as happy as I finally got a long-cherished gift. The immersive truth finally solved my long-standing doubts. The feeling of fatigue was swept away, and the beauty and poetry that brought me the details of life for a long time never came again - thousands of households floated and floated silently. It is like a jade dust to eliminate more, and a half of the ice is still flowing. This is probably the appearance of snowflake glass.


    Do not lie to you! The beauty of the snowflake glass, between the snowflake will melt into the unfinished flash.